A Brief History

28. september 2009 Av: Webmaster
One of Europe’s oldest computer societies.The Norwegian Computer Society turned 50 years in 2003, and is thus one of Europe’s oldest computer societies. The NCS has its roots in the beginning of the fifties. It all started with the "Punchcard club Team" in 1953, which was tied to IBM interest organizations.
The "Punchcard club" changed name in the beginning of the sixties to the Norwegian Computer Application Society (Norsk Databehandlingsforening - DBF). The society was for the most part made up of representatives from companies that used computer technology for administration purposes. At the same time another computer society was created, the Norwegian Society for Electronic Information Application (Norsk Selskap for Elektronisk Databehandling - NSEI). This society had its roots in the research and development institutions. The two societies co-existed for a long time, sometimes filling each others needs, until common interests led to their union in 1976. The name chosen for the new organization was The Norwegian Computer Society (Den Norske Dataforening).
The Computer Society has followed the evolution of society and the computer industry during these years, from the time computers were thought of as huge, mystical machines - to today’s focus on information technology, solutions and applications.