Arrangements and activities in DAMA Norway

DAMA Norway arranges many different events throughout the year. Our main objective is to deliver a platform for Data Management discussion that caters to our members’ needs and interests. We host online and physical events, big and small. Below you will find some more information on a selection of our events to get a flavor of what we do.
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Annual events:

Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Training and Exam
TOPIC: This is an official, licensed training and certification for DAMA International’s Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification. The certification may be taken at any time online, but DAMA Norway can set up one annual pay-if-you-pass event, often with exam fee discounts and competitive prices on training.
WHERE: Online

DAMA Norway Council Meeting
TOPIC: The Council Meetings are hosted by the DAMA Norway board bi-annually, normally around March and September. The Council Meeting is open for all of DAMA Norway’s members to get information, provide input on the activities of the organization, and to formally vote on bylaws changes, new board members etc.
WHERE: Physical in Oslo or online (Teams)
WHEN: Bi-annually (ca March & September)

Bi-annual or more regularly events:

DAMA Norway Social Meetup
TOPIC: Social Meetups may have seasonal topics like summer or Christmas and are a chance to get to know other Data Management professionals and socialize. They are usually held once or twice a year but may vary according to interest.
WHERE: Online (Teams)
WHEN: Ad-hoc – often before the larger holidays of the year

DMBoK Book Club
TOPIC: “Study group” dedicated to learning about the topics in DMBoK, sharing experiences and engaging in an informal and open discussion. May be used as a means for preparing for the CDMP certification (non-official). We encourage people who have signed up to present one of the topics and facilitate the discussion.
WHERE: Online (Teams)
WHEN: August – December 2020

Events in 2022:

Events in 2022:

Events in 2021:


Upcoming events in 2021:

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