Webinar 19. desember 7 data management lessons for 2023

Discovering Data and the MetaDAMA podcasts collaborate to bring you this special LIVE event. Over the course of 2022, they've interviewed over 50 global data leaders. In this talk, hosts Loris Marini and Winfried Etzel will bring you top tips to help implement and set the stage for your professional growth in 2023.

arrangeres av Winfried A. Etzel og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen DAMA (Data Management Association - Norway Chapter)

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In this talk, they’ll cover:

1. Lead: Data is a shared asset with shared benefits. Data quality is a shared responsibility.
2. Network: Tips to build stronger relationships with your stakeholders
3. Sell: Map the compelling business need behind your data management initiative
4. Be memorable: A simple framework to increase your storytelling 10x
5. Support: Enable the business to take lead. Provide guidance.
6. Observe: Don’t jump to conclusions, but observe the demographics, ways of working, environment.
7. Have fun: provide a framework to ensure collaborative readiness, physiological safety, and encourage failure and try again.