Foredrag 14. november i Oslo Åpen Meetup: Iasa as a platform for architects

I tilknytning til ARK 2023 arrangeres det et Meetup åpent for alle med Paul Preiss

arrangeres av Shiraz A. Bhaiji og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen Løsnings- og integrasjonsarkitektur

Iasa has become a platform for architect success, whether you are a chief architect, a senior developer, a mid-level business architect and anything in between. We host communities, content, career path, all at the multi-national level. This platform like any other requires constant maintenance. But unlike others the Iasa platform is open to all.
In this session we are going to explore the BTABoK Scenarios for architects. We are going to discuss your career and how you can skyrocket at your current employer while preparing you for any changes in the field and elsewhere. The talk will not focus on BTABoK adoption but on practical scenarios of architecture at organizations around the globe.

Paul Preiss is the CEO and Founder of the Iasa, one of the largest business technology architect associations in the world.

Through his time at Iasa, Paul has taken the association from a single user group in Austin Tx to an international organization with chapters in over 50 countries. Paul’s vision is a unified architecture profession with effective education, credentials and ethics which fully supports corporate strategy and delivery. He is a tireless advocate for the field and speaks on topics ranging form architecture ethics to best the best setup and structure for architecture teams. Paul has spoken at hundreds of events as well as held conferences and training for architects all over the world. He is an expert software and enterprise architect in practice and continues to work with companies on optimizing their technology strategy.

This meetup is in cooperation with the Norwegian Computer Society.

Paul is in Oslo to hold a presentation at ARK 2023

There will be food from 17:00, Talk starts at 17:30