Kurs 31. - 2. juni Waiting list: Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) official training & access to CDMP certification online exam

Join DAMA Norway for a 3-day Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) course in May-June! Official training & access to CDMP certification online exam

arrangeres av Maria Camilla Nørgaard og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen DAMA (Data Management Association - Norway Chapter)

Medlempris: 3500 NOK for DND DAMA Norway members until March 31th Ordinær pris: 4500 NOK for non-members until March 31th Meld på

The Information Management Fundamentals course provides a complete overview of the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) and is a fully licensed, official CDMP course taught by a CDMP fellow. It is also the perfect way to prepare for taking the CDMP Exam to become a Certified Data Management Professional! When attending the course, you get access to and general instructions on enrolling in an online CDMP exam.

The course is designed and taught by CDMP fellow and VP Professional Development of DAMA International, Christopher Bradley. Sign up before April 1st for an early-bird fee!

Who can take this course?

  • Anyone interested in learning about Data Management
  • Anyone wishing to prepare for and/or take the CDMP exam

Why should you take this course?

  • Get a full overview of Information Management Fundamentals
  • Get the official preparation for a CDMP exam – with one of the most recognized tutors in the fields of DMBoK and CDMP
  • Get instructions on how to enrol for an online CDMP exam
  • Get 15 % discount code for the CDMP DMF exam
  • Get 20% discount on the DMBoK v2 PDF copy* (separate from the course fee)

*Offer valid until copies are sold out.

Course overview
This course addresses all of the Information Management disciplines as defined in the international industry standard, DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) v2. Taught by an industry recognized DAMA DMBoK (2.0) author and CDMP fellow, this course provides a solid foundation of the different disciplines across the complete Information Management spectrum.

By attending the course, delegates will get a firm grounding of the core Information Management concepts and illustrate their practical application with real examples of how Information Management is applied. Additionally, this course provides a solid foundation for students wishing to take the Industry professional certification the DAMA Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP).

Learning Objectives
This course provides you with the knowledge, methods and techniques required to analyse, mature and implement information management solutions within your organisation. It gives a solid grounding in all the different disciplines of Data Management.
At the end of the course, delegates would have gained the following:

Level set understanding & terminology:

  • Learn about the need for and the application of Information Management disciplines for different categories of challenges
  • Explore an Information Management framework and understand how it aligns with other architecture frameworks
  • Explore concepts such as lifecycle management, normalisation, dimensional modelling and data virtualisation and appreciate why they are important
  • Understand the critical roles of Master Data Management and Data Governance and how to effectively apply them

Pragmatic Learning:

  • Understand the different component disciplines that comprise the topic of Information Management
  • Learn the different MDM architectures, their suitability for different needs and how best to implement Master Data Management approaches;
  • Understand the different facets (dimensions) of Data Quality and explore a workable Data Quality framework;
  • Discover the major considerations for successful Data Governance and how it can be introduced in bite-sized pieces;
  • Develop a set of usable techniques that can be applied to a range of information management challenges
  • Learn the best practices for managing Enterprise Information needs
  • Through practical examples, learn how to apply techniques in information architecture planning

CDMP Certification:

  • Understand the syllabus for the CDMP professional certification
  • Revise the key areas for the Data Management Fundamentals examination.

Practical information
Location: Online (Teams)
Time: May 31st-June 2nd, 9 am-5 pm
Max number of participants: 20

Course fees:
The early-bird fee is 3500 NOK for DND DAMA Norway members, 4 500 NOK for non-members until April 1st.

From April 1st onwards, the fee is 4 000 NOK for DND DAMA Norway members, and 5 000 NOK for non-members. Sign-up is binding.

The course fee does not include the CDMP exam fee (standard rate 311 USD) as taking the exam is optional.
DMBoK v2 price (20% discount): 400 NOK.

It is highly recommended to purchase and revise the DMBoK in advance of the training and before a certification exam in order to get the best learning experience from the training. We offer a discounted package deal where you get a PDF copy of the DMBoK v2 at 20% discount. For purchasing the DMBoK package, select one of the options “I participate as a member of DND and DMBoK v2 PDF copy (package price)”/”I participate as a non-member of DND and DMBoK v2 PDF copy (package price)” in the sign up.

Sign-up is binding.
The course fee does not include the CDMP exam fee (standard rate without discount 311 USD) as taking the exam is optional. For the exam, you will get a discount code and instructions for accessing the online exam.

Questions? Send any inquiries to dama@dnd.no