Årsmøte 23. mars DAMA Norway – Online council meeting & board election

DAMA Norway is turning two! We will celebrate the occasion by hosting an online council meeting & board election on the 23rd of March from 17:00 until 18:30.

arrangeres av Maria Camilla Nørgaard og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen DAMA (Data Management Association - Norway Chapter)

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DAMA-I is the international data management association, famous for the DMBOK (Data Management Body of Knowledge) and CDMP (Certified Data Management Professional) certification. DND-DAMA is the Norwegian chapter of DAMA and a subsidiary of DND (Den norske dataforening).

Shape the future of DND-DAMA Norway for the 2021/2022 period and become a Board Member or attend the council meeting to influence the strategic direction. We are searching for interesting and motivated people that want to develop data management capabilities in Norway and work at the edge of methods and technologies.

Some of our current focus topics are:

  • Data Ethics
  • CDMP Certification Program
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Quality

Interested in becoming a DAMA Norway Board Member? Email us at dama@dnd.no to get more information about the nomination process and role descriptions.


  • Opening
  • Meeting administration
  • News and reports
  • Board candidate presentations and voting
  • 2021/2022 Strategy Update
  • Closing