Nettverksmøte 23. januar i Oslo Data Virtualization – From Data Swamps to Data Accessibility

arrangeres av Saleem Pothiwala og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen BI & Analytics

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, Den Norske Dataforening stands as a beacon for Norway’s IT and digitization specialists, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where technology serves as the cornerstone for community and progress. Our ethos is simple: to create a synergy between Norway’s rich social values and the boundless possibilities of IT. This is a place where the digital artisans of our society—IT professionals, savvy users, and visionary enterprises—gather to shape a future where technology amplifies our collective strengths and propels us forward.


The Data Meetup event on 23rd January at Rebel in Oslo is arranged by DND, featuring the Saleem Pothiwala, CEO of Kermit Tech. Saleem’s presentation on «Transforming Data Swamps into Data Lakes: The Power of Data Virtualization» is not just a session—it’s a masterclass in harnessing the potential of virtualization to make data accessible, actionable, and advantageous. Saleem is a valued member of the Program Committee for Den Norske Dataforening and also works as a Data Platform Architect for Kreftforeningen. This meetup event will also feature Chris Fitzpatrick from Denodo to talk about some key use cases and a demo of Denodo.


17.00 17:30 Registration and mingling
17.30 18:15 — Saleem Pothiwala Data Virtualisation Basics: Saleem Pothiwala
18.15 18:45 Food and drinks (Pizza + Brus)
18.45 19:30 Denodo presents use cases and a demo – Chris Fitzpatrick from Denodo, UK