Workshop 30. mai i Oslo DataOps Compliant Data Pipelines – Workshop

Bli med på workshop med Saleem Pothiwala fra faggruppen BI & Analytics! Lær mer om hvordan å sette opp Data pipelines.

arrangeres av Saleem Pothiwala og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen BI & Analytics

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This event is a continuation from the last event that we organised back in January.

We will look at creating the pipelines that were demo’ed during the presentation.

In the field of data engineering, a data pipeline is a set of processes that move data from one place to another. Smart data pipelines are an important part of this process because they automate many of the tasks involved in moving and transforming data. This allows data engineers to focus on other important tasks, such as designing and building systems that can extract value from the data.

In this workshop, we will get hands on experience of creating data pipelines that are robust, scalable and dataops compliant.

All you need to bring is your laptop and a lot of enthusiasm.

Venue is at Kontorhuset in Asker. It is only 2 minutes walk from Asker station so hopefully convenient for everyone. Lunch will be served at around 11:00 am.



Saleem Pothiwala

A dynamic and accomplished data leader, with over 25 years of experience in Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Data Engineering. Possessing deep expertise in Cloud Technology (AWS, Azure) and a knack for efficiently transitioning data from on-premise to cloud. Leveraging strong business acumen and excellent interpersonal skills, Saleem has served a diverse range of industries including Banking, Retail, Insurance, Telecom, and large subscription management.

As the founder of Kermit Tech, a data engineering consultancy in Norway, he is dedicated to providing adaptable and resourceful solutions for clients worldwide.