Kurs 2. - 3. november Waiting list: DMBOK familiarisation and CDMP exam preparation training course

Join DAMA Norway for a 2-day Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) course.

arrangeres av Nina Rokseth og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen DAMA (Data Management Association - Norway Chapter)

Medlempris: 5000,- NOK for DND DAMA Norway members Ordinær pris: Only for members of DND Meld på

Course Description
DMBoK Familiarisation and CDMP Exam preparation training course provides a complete overview of Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) and it is also the perfect way to prepare for taking the CDMP Exam to become a Certified Data Management Professional!

This 2-day course was developed by FIT Academy, one of the Registered Education Provider recognized by DAMA-I and will be delivered by a certified trainer.

The course addresses ALL disciplines as identified by the international standard, DAMA-I (Website) Body of Knowledge (DMBOK2) and is aimed to individuals interested in an overview of the essential components of the entire DMBoK2 Framework for Data Management and preparing CDMP certification exam.

Thanks to an intensive two-day full immersion, participants will be able to learn the specific vocabulary promoted by DAMA International, the roles and relationships of the individual knowledge areas with respect to the fundamental challenge of how to obtain value from data and information assets.

Above all, learners will be provided with the knowledge, methods and techniques focused to
gain familiarity with the CDMP examination format


  • Discover and understand the DMBoK framework, its structure, purpose and understand relationships within the different knowledge areas
  •  Familiarise with the DMBoK vocabulary, the definitions and essential concepts and the principles to implement a successful Data Management program
  • Understand what the CDMP is, and prepare to attend certification exams

What’s included:

  • Access to the e-learning platform
  • Readable and downloadable PDF course content material
  • Sample Practice Exam Questions
  • Recorded lessons will be available once the course is completed to listen/re-listen as needed.

Further Details:

1) Reasons why you should take this Course:

  • Get a full overview of Data Management Fundamentals
  • Get the official preparation for a CDMP exam
  • Gain familiarity with the CDMP examination format

2) Details Course:

  • Format: Remote Learning
  • Time: 2 – 3 November / 09:00 -12:00 / 13:30 – 16:30
  • Max number of participants: 20.
    A maximum number of 5 participants from the same company will be allowed for this training course.

3) Audience:
As an individual, being Business or IT professionals, from novices who are facing Data and Information Management for the first time to those Practitioners who are seeking Professional recognition and certification for Data Management.

4) Course fees:

The early-bird fee is 5000 NOK for DND DAMA Norway members until 14th November.

From 15th October, the fee is 5 500 NOK for DND DAMA Norway members.

Sign-up is binding.

DMBoK v2 price (20% discount): 400 NOK.

It is highly recommended to purchase and revise the DMBoK in advance of the training and before a certification exam in order to get the best learning experience from the training. We offer a discounted package deal where you get a PDF copy of the DMBoK v2 at 20% discount. For purchasing the DMBoK package, select one of the options “I want to participate as a member of DND and DMBoK v2 PDF copy (package price)”in the sign up

5) CDMP Exam Fee:
CDMP exam fee is not included as taking the exam is optional.

The course fee does not include the CDMP exam fee as taking the exam is optional.