Workshop 27. april i Oslo Impact Mapping –
aligning agile development with business goals

Impact Mapping is a strategic planning technique that helps Agile teams and Product Managers identify the right features to deliver in order to meet business goals.

arrangeres av Faggruppen Software Testing (SWT) og er en del av serien Workshops

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The visual nature of an Impact Map helps a team to see how their software features relate to the desired valuable outcomes for the business, by focusing on the behaviour of customers. 

A collaborative and visual technique, Impact Mapping, enables key decision-makers to make goals explicit, to expose assumptions about the problems we are trying to solve for customers, and reason about how changes in user behaviour contribute to our business goals. This helps the product team to align their development priorities with business priorities and make better product design decisions.

The participants of this interactive workshop will learn about the basics of Impact Mapping, and try it out in practice in realistic group exercises to understand how to apply Impact Mapping sessions in their own organisations.

Key learning points:

  • how to ensure that you’re building the right product
  • how to align the activities of delivery teams and the organisation around them
  • how to make an impact with software products and projects
  • how to communicate overall goals and vision to delivery teams
  • how to facilitate impact mapping sessions
  • how to build a delivery roadmap and backlog with impact maps
  • how to create good user stories


Denne workshopen passer for programvareleverandører som jobber med team primært innenfor agile eller lean. For å delta på workshopen, bør du allerede ha en grunnleggende kunnskap om iterative leveransemetoder og en viss erfaring med å jobbe i en Scrum, XP eller Kanban-lignende leveranse.

For å få mest mulig ut av workshopen, bør du ha en relativt senior rolle, fra et teknisk eller forretningsmessig perspektiv.

NB: Kurset holdes på engelsk.