Certified Data Management professional (CDMP)

What is the CDMP? Simply put, the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) is a certification program which gives data management professionals the opportunity to show professional growth that can enhance their personal and career goals. In other words, the CDMP is the way to improve and formalize your Data Management skills.

The CDPM exams and accreditations are organized by DAMA International. You can register for an online exam independently at Exams (cdmp.info). DAMA Norway also regularly hosts informal and formal (licensed) trainings to prepare for a CDMP exam. DAMA Norway also organizes CDMP exam sittings. DAMA Norway can offer a “pay if you pass” CDMP exam once a year to our members, i.e. that you only pay for the exam if you get a passing grade. We can also offer discounts and advantageous rates at many of our events.

DAMA Norway want to promote the CDMP certification as a means to formalize the Data Management Professional’s skillset, and to increase awareness and standardization about Data Management skills. This can help you individually as a job seeker or as a recruiter, as well as generally making the Data Management skillset more tangible. CDMP trainings and exams are posted as events on our website and is marketed in our newsletter and Linkedin site – make sure you subscribe and follow!

Do you have questions about the CDMP exam? Do you want to learn more? Below you find an instructive video by CDMP fellow Christopher Bradley, who explains all about the CDMP.

Any further questions and inquiries can be sent to our e-mail address dama@dnd.no.

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