Collibra 2021 Partnership with DAMA Norway

DAMA Norway is very happy to announce that we have agreed a partnership with Collibra for 2021!

This collaboration provides the opportunity for our members and the wider data management community to get to know Collibra, the use cases the tool can help your business with and how the tool fits into the wider data management picture. As a starter, please find a short overview from Collibra on what they do and additional links to find out more:

Collibra is the Data Intelligence company. We accelerate trusted business outcomes by connecting the right data, insights and algorithms to all data citizens. Our cloud-based platform connects IT and the business to build a data-driven culture for the digital enterprise. Global organizations choose Collibra to unlock the value of their data and turn it into a strategic, competitive asset. We have a diverse global footprint, with offices in the U.S., Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Poland and the U.K. For more information, visit

DAMA Norway is vendor-independent and not-for-profit. We are open to partnerships with all relevant companies so that we can keep our community updated on the latest data management innovations.

As a non-profit, DAMA Norway relies on its partners to sustain its operations. We see our partners as strategic alliances to achieve our collective goals. The benefits of becoming are partner include:

Are you interested in learning more about Collibra, have a question about our partnerships or would like to become a partner yourself? Get in touch via