Jo Saakvitne

Jo Saakvitne

Jo er data Scientist i Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Vi intervjuet Jo Saakvitne i forbindelse med hans foredrag på Make Data Smart Again 2019.  Hans tema i den forbindelse er hvorfor AI ikke skalerer.

Se «Hvorfor AI-prototypene ikke tar av i din virksomhet«.

I programmet presenteres han slik:

Jo Saakvitne (PhD) is a Data Scientist with BCG GAMMA, a global team of world-class data scientists within the Boston Consulting Group. He has a broad background from both academic research and consulting, helping organizations create value from data across sectors such as finance, consumer goods and the public sector.

Hans foredrag:

Companies are discovering that it is fiendishly hard to move from successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) prototypes towards AI at scale. We call this the “AI paradox”, and we want to share our experiences on why data science user cases often are hard to scale, and on what it takes to successfully go from prototype to an industrialized implementation.

From examples from our own work with some of the world’s largest companies and most innovative AI projects, we will explain why AI does not scale the same way as traditional IT systems, why you should always be wary about proof-of-concepts, and why the most important integration test you do is when integrating business people on your team.