Joakim Auflem Eriksen

My name is Joakim Auflem Eriksen and I am a Manager in Equinor. I head up the Data & Analytics department within People & Organization. We are responsible for all IT systems that handle HR data in Equinor and with that all the HR Data in the Company.

I am also in the Management team of the Next Generation PO project that works to introduce the Workday HCM suite in Equinor the next 2 years. Workday is a modern, SaaS, HR solution that will enable us to deliver the HR services of the future. This will be a great step forward for the Company in the Energy transition.


I agreed to become leader of the HR/IT workgroup because I am passionate about driving change and because I am confident that utilizing digital solutions effectively is simply an unavoidable prerequisite to succeed. I am fairly new to my current position in Equinor, and I want to get to the forefront of the field as soon as possible. What better way to do that than to learn both from my competent colleagues in Equinor, and to turbo boost that through cooperation and learning from other Companies?