Practical information for speakers 2023!

ARK 2023

When: Wednesday 15th of November 2023, 09:00 am to 16:00 pm
Place: Sopra Steria

Your participation

You participate for free and lunch is included but you do need to register yourself. You should have recived a registration link via mail. If not check your spamfilter or send us a mail:

Registration opens at 08:00 am for those who want to follow the conferance the whole day.

Your presentation

You will recive feedback on your presentations. Deadline for finished presentation is 9th of November!

 When it is delivered it will NOT be possible to make changes as this version will be «locked».

Presentations are to be uploaded in this file: Deliver FINAL presentations here! Duedate: 09.11! (copy and paste the link in your search engine). Feel free to send it before the deadline:

(Updated 06.11.23)

Cover page for your presentation

In order to have a seamless look we at Dataforeningen will stitch together the presentations and create cover pages so that we get a uniform layout on page 1.

Technical equipment

All rooms are equipped with a PC, projector and internet. We prefer format 16:9. All lectures will be entered in advance on the PC in the correct room. We encourage you to bring a backup on a PC or memory stick just in case. Let me know if you need other equipment. There will be people present to help you with the microphone and to prepare the presentation. All you need to do is go on stage and start your talk.

Watch the time

The session leader has a timer/sign that shows 5 minutes left, 2 minutes left and the message «You must round off». We ask you to take this into account.


We also encurage to hold off 5 min for questions at the end of your timeframe. 

Presentation of you before your lecture (the day of)

There will be brakes in the programme. But to ensure that you get your allotted time, be ready in advance. The session leader will introduce you shortly before the lecture.


Please look at the conferance programme on the home page for updates and to see when you have your presentation.

PS: there may be changes. So please check inn for any changes.


We are planning to record some lectures in order to post them as a member benefit and to use them in the marketing of next year’s conference.