The Norwegian Computer Society

The NCS is the largest special interest society for information technology (IT) in Norway. It is an open, independent forum for Norway’s IT professionals and advanced IT users. The society encompasses the IT industry, corporations in general and research and development institutions. The NCS is an independent and wholly self-financed society with more than 10,500 registered members and more than 1,200 company members.

Advancement of optimal IT usage:
The major goal of the society is to increase awareness of the possibilities of IT, and to contribute to the advancement of optimal usage of IT for business and society alike. This is done through membership meetings, seminars, conferences and exhibitions, publications and activities towards governmental, political and public institutions and authorities. Members on a voluntary basis operate most of the activity. The NCS has more than 50 working groups concentrating on such areas as computer safety, e-Business, Data Warehousing, Internet/Intranet and Databases.

Countrywide representation:
The NCS has a countrywide representation, with nine local societies representing Norway’s districts from north to south. The society’s strategy and activities are coordinated by the main board, which is headed by the society’s president and in which each local society is represented by their chairmen.

The NCS owns Servicekontoret AS, a limited company which coordinates day-to-day operation and the administrative services. 18 people are employed in Servicekontoret AS, which is managed by Tone Dalen, CEO.

To offer our members updated information within their field of interest and a chance to develop their level of competence through seminars, conferences and network building
To inform about the benefit of practical use of IT
To be active as a body entitled to comment on cases for the Norwegian government
To work for social commitment
Activities towards governmental and political authorities
NCS works toward politicians, governmental and public institutions in order to influence the legislation made in relation to telecommunication and national IT strategies. The Society has a good working relationship with the different sections of the government, and is engaged in the follow-up of policy decisions and legislation. NCS works toward putting IT political matters on the national agenda.

International affiliations:
The NCS is a member of the Nordic Data Union, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), and the Federation of Information Processing (IFIP).  Furthermore, NCS has joint membership with ACM . The NCS attaches great importance to international work, which is a prioritized strategic area.

Product development:
Special offers to personal members / Company members

The NCS is working to improve and renew the special offers to the members in accordance with the different target groups in the member base. We are working hard to promote the Society on the World Wide Web (, and at this time we are  integrating more functionality for our governing bodies into our Web solution.

Special IT contract standards have been developed, such as:

NCS Publications:

  • An information/news page once a week in Computerworld Norway, a national computer paper published every Friday.
  • Own web site
  • Documentation
  • Reports
  • Guidelines and checklists (published at irregular intervals) (In Norwegian only)


President of the NCS:
Ms Cathrine Klouman
CIO, MøllerGruppen AS

CEO Servicekontoret AS:
Ms Tone Dalen
Tel: +47 - 22 36 48 80
COO Servicekontoret AS:
Mr Christian Torp
Tel. + 47 - 22 36 48 85
Communication Manager Servicekontoret AS:
Ms Cille B. Gjørtz
Tel. +47 - 92 88 13 47


CEPIS representatives:
Council Member:
Member Society Forum: Ms Tone Dalen, Servicekontoret

How to contact the Norwegian Computer Society:
Tel: +47 - 22 36 48 80
Fax: +47 - 22 36 37 01
Visiting address:
Møllergata 24
City center
Post address:
Møllergata 24
N-0179 OSLO, Norway