Kurs Meld din interesse: Advanced Cloud Architecture with Residuality Theory

The course aims to provide the tools for architects to quickly embrace cloud technology to deliver modern solutions, which will lead to simpler, faster deliveries, with better quality.

arrangeres av Shiraz A. Bhaiji og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen Løsnings- og integrasjonsarkitektur

More importantly, the course will provide a new vision of what architecture is and how in can contribute to the challenges faced by organisations today.

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Meld din interesse: Advanced Cloud Architetcure with Residuality Theory

Who the course is for:
IT Architects should have several years experience of System Architecture, alternatively should be Senior Developers with design experience and a goal to become an Architect.

Business/Enterprise Architects should have earlier experience of System Design/development and at least some background in programming. They should have the goal to be actively involved in System Design in the future.
Infrastructure Architects are welcome and some have found the course very valuable, but there will be a lot of focus on software architecture.

Day 1: Introduction to Residuality Theory
-What is Residuality Theory?
– The Philosophy of Residuality Theory
– What problem are we trying to solve?
– Complexity and Uncertainty in software
– Resilience and antifragility

Day 2: Introduction to Cloud
– How to learn in ’The Cloud’
– Distributed systems
– Coupling and design decisions
– Important Components
– Choosing components

Day 3: Residuality and Design in the Cloud
– Stressor analysis
– Flow First Design
– Contagion Analysis
– Labs

Day 4: Cloud Systems Engineering
– Testing your design
– DevOps in the cloud
– Conclusion & Next Steps