Digitalt nettverksmøte 8. april Data Governance – The hidden element in your BI & Analytics journey

Meet the DAMA (Data Management Association) Norway chapter to get your Data Management questions answered and share your experiences!

arrangeres av David Aas Correia og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen BI & Analytics

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“Data Management provides the foundation on which good Business Intelligence rests and determines BI’s form. Effective BI depends heavily on an organization’s structure and its data needs. If data is poorly managed, the report builders on the other end will be frustrated” – Dataversity article, 8th January 2020

BI and Analytics is heavily dependent on data management to ensure that the data that feeds into reports and analytics is fit for purpose. In this meetup, we will be joined by our fellow community group, DND-DAMA Norway, who will present their community and discuss what part Data Governance (a central subject area of Data Management) plays in creating valuable BI and Analytics solutions. We will start with some fundamentals and go through the key Data Governance areas that support the generation of business value through BI & Analytics.

We will hold short presentations for the first half an hour and then spend the second half in a group discussion, where you can ask the DAMA board your data management questions and share you own experiences and knowledge. This could be relate to data issues faced you encounter during your day to day work and how these could be solved e.g. poor quality data, many sources of information etc., among others. Our aim is to have a balanced discussion where both groups gain new insights.

This is a digital event. Teams-link will be provided before the event.

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