11. - 11. desember DMBoK Book Club

This fall DAMA Norway invites you to participate in our Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK2) book club! DMBOK is the Data Management Association (DAMA)’s framework on Data Management, and it is adopted by Data Management professionals globally. The DMBOK book club can be used as a means of preparation for the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification.

arrangeres av Nina Rokseth og resten av fagfolkene fra faggruppen DAMA (Data Management Association - Norway Chapter)

Medlempris: 150,- eks mva Ordinær pris: 600,- eks mva Meld på

Why should you attend
In order to drive and succeed with digitalization initiatives, the need for employees with formal knowledge in data management is a key success factor. Whether you want to boost your competency in data management or you actually plan to become a Certified Data Management Professionals (CDMP), this book club will help you out. Moreover, the book club will offer you an opportunity to connect to other data management professional and enthusiasts, and help you grow your network.

DAMA Norway plans to set up weekly online meetings where each chapter in the DMBOK will be presented and discussed. The experience- and knowledge sharing during the discussions will connect theory with practise and enhance the value of participating!

Who should attend
Anyone interested in Data Management are encouraged to participate, at all levels of experience. Both Data Management professionals and anyone interested in, affected by or using data for different purposes such as e.g. digitalization, analytics etc. may attend. Both English and Norwegian speakers may attend. It is a prerequisite to have or acquire the DMBOK for attending the DMBOK book club as the material is licensed and cannot be accessed otherwise.

Practical information
• Weekly meetings Fridays 13:00-14:00, starting Friday August 21st, 2020, continuing throughout the year. Recurring meeting invitation will be sent out.
• We plan for online meetings, possibility of physical meetings will be continuously assessed
• You may attend all or a selection of the Book Club meetings
• The meetings will combine both presentations and discussions on the given topic
• Resources to support you acquiring new knowledge:
o To buy the DMBOK2: https://technicspub.com/dmbok/
• More information on the CDMP exam will be provided on request and in connection with the DMBOK Book Club. The exam has a “pay if you pass” principle.
• Fee: Dnd/DAMA members: 150 NOK, non-members: 600 NOK. Students: free. To document active enrollment on university, send photo/copy of student card to: dama@dnd.no. Documentation will be deleted straight after verification.

”This is not a formal training, but a study group that discusses the book in preparation for a CDMP exam.”

We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,

Nina Rokseth
VP Activities DAMA Board.