DAMA + Bouvet

Artikkel av DND DAMA Norway

DAMA Norway is very happy to announce our new 2021 partnership with Bouvet!

This collaboration provides the opportunity for our members and the wider data management community to get to know Bouvet and how they can help businesses.

Bouvet describes themselves as a company that is leading the way and building the society of the future in creating digital solutions.
“We help our customers in the energy sector – both oil&gas and renewable, industry and public with their digitalization journey towards the most efficient operation possible, giving our customers a specific added value”.

Visit bouvet.no for more information

Since DAMA Norway is vendor-independent and not-for-profit, we are open to partnerships with all relevant companies so that we can keep our community updated on the latest data management innovations.

Are you interested in learning more about Bouvet, have a question about our partnerships or would like to become a partner yourself? Get in touch via dama@dnd.no